Sublimation Print

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation printing involves a process where you print designs on regular copy paper or special sublimation paper and then use heat via a heat press to transfer that printed design into a substrate such as a sportswear piece. 

Although there are a lot more apparel decoration methods that involve printing on Sportswear but Sublimation is one of the best methods, and that is why we use Sublimation print with 100% polyester at stork sportswear for our Sublimation printed products and sportswear. One of the top reasons for sublimating on 100% polyester is that you get a photo-quality texture with super vibrant colors.

Advantages of Sublimation printed sportswear

The key uniqueness lies in how Sublimation works and the science behind it. During Sublimation, when the actual printed design is heated via a heat press, the toner on the transfer paper turns from a solid state into a gaseous state. Then it embeds itself into the fabric. When it cools, it even goes back to being installed and becomes a permanent part of the material. Unlike other heat transfer printing methods, Sublimation on printed sportswear adds no additional layer of paper to the fabric. You can’t feel the difference between the printed image and the rest of the material. 

What Stork's Sublimation printed sportswear in Thailand Offers?


With our Sublimation printed sportswear, the ink or toner is infused inside the fabric and becomes a part of the fabric. It is a much more permanent design onto the fabric, making it withstand lots of more washes and will last long, just like the actual fabric itself.

Color quality

Sublimation allows us to print full colors making it super helpful to sublimate any photo of your choice while giving us a good quality image with vibrant colors.

Our sublimated printed sportswear at stork promotional products is 100% polyester for clear and vibrant results giving you the best results. Contact us today for more on our sublimated sportswear.