Stork Sportswear

About Stork Sportswear

Stork Sportswear is manufacturer of custom made sport uniforms, apparels and other unique printed (sport) clothes. A great team of internationals work on the smallest details to make the best results for you. Started with a small factory and working with a great team on the new brand Stork Sportswear. Together as a team we are trying to make the difference in the industry with customized sportswear starting from small quantities.


Our mission is to create the best quality sportswear for competitive prices!

Stork Sportswear can make everything in house in its own factory in Thailand using the best machines to create your custom made sportswear. As a great team we always work together for the best results, focusing on the smallest details to make the difference. We certainly create good working conditions for our people to work and we always welcome our customers to have a look in our factory to show how we produce our products.

Are you ready for Stork Sportswear? Let’s make the difference!