Sublimation Print Factory

About our Sublimation print Factory

Stork Promotional Products is a manufacturer of sublimation printed garment and other promotional products. We are also supplier of all kind of creative promotional products. With our own production in Thailand we are able to produce products that makes you happy. Every customer is welcome and we can make from small to big quantity custom made promotional products. Do you need advise about a creative promotional products for your organisation? Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice!

The Factory of Stork Promotional Products is located in Thailand in the province Chonburi.

We have customers all over the world and supply good service and competitive prices. Our in house production have the possibility to produce al kind of clothes and products of neoprene. Just contact us for further information about our services.

Sublimation print

Sublimation is a technique that we use a lot for printing promotional products and textiles. Sublimation is the transition from a solid to a gaseous phase. This will cause the inks / colors to get deep into the material and will not go out. A high quality for a good result. Everything can be made through sublimation print. Because the start-up is easy for sublimation, it is also possible to make products in low quantity. Read more about what is sublimation print?

Promotional Products

Are you looking for a unique promotional product or promotional gift? Our strength is that we thinking along with the needs of the customer and the possibilities that our production has to offer. In this way we always look for the desired result for the best solution in the field of promotional products! Completely custom-made products are also possible, so please contact us to discuss what the desired goal is and we will be happy to help you think about what we can do in this.

Fashion, sportswear and promotional textiles

Because we have the right methods for producing clothing, we can manufacture our own clothing line like no other. Whether it is a fashion item of clothing or a simple shirt. Our confection department makes it! From small numbers and the possibility to have a sample made in advance, so that we always work towards the best result together. Our strength is making clothing including print / design. The entire process from A to Z can be done in our factory in Thailand