Trail running and cross country sportswear

How to choose clothes for trail running

Just as many are changing the cities for the mountains because the practice of trail running has expanded considerably in recent years, the need for having efficient trail running and cross country sportswear has been on the rise. However, even if running in the mountains and the urban race seem the same, the clothing must change. In the mountains, especially in the high mountains, the runner is at the mercy of weather adversities, when it worsens. One must be prepared to face rain, hail, snow, and extreme winds since, in the mountains, one has to mediate with his means. If the weather situation worsens drastically, suitable clothing is always a great help. Thanks to the advice that follows, you will know what materials to choose for your outings to the mountain.

General characteristics.

More and more brands are selling specialized clothing for trail running. One best example is the trail running and cross-country sportswear by Stork sportswear. However, like all sportswear, trail running sportswear has to be comfortable so that the race or exercise is comfortable. They have to be suitable for both cold and heat. That is, in cold or windy situations, clothing should keep the body warm. However, when the activity is intense, the clothes should not overheat us. 

The following are some of the features of sportswear by Stork Sportswear:

  • Breathability: it is essential to maintain the temperature balance of the body. Thanks to this feature, the body will stay cooler, and the sweat will dry quickly.
  • Compression: compression is factored in so that our clothing supports the muscle and protects it from cold and vibrations.
  • Folding:  all our sportswear is comfortable to fold without occupying any space when journeying for outdoor activities. 
  • Reflective: if you usually run at night in places where cars or bicycles can pass, our sportswear is made reflective to help you to be more visible.